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Chrissy & Lang

“Neither of us expected to ever get married, but since we've met, we can't stand to be apart!”

Greg & Jennie

"We never let our disability stop us from enjoying adventure, travel, fulfillment and enjoyment from one another."

Stacy & Jason

"I was about to give up until I tried Meet Deaf Singles, who knew a fabulous person was just around the corner."

Set up your FREE profile today and find love and happiness. Don't let something like a hearing impairment get in the way of love! Meet Deaf Singles is targeted toward the deaf dating community, don't wait! Join the fun today!

Meet Deaf Singles is a safe and fun environment. We value your membership and have 24/7 customer support available to answer
all of your questions and concerns. Don't wait! or you might just miss that special someone!.

Featured Hearing Impaired Singles:

Meet Deaf Singles - The Best Deaf Singles Site

Dating and finding a significant other should be fun & painless. That's why at Meet Deaf Singles, we focus on providing the highest quality online dating experience by narrowing down our community to hearing impaired singles. Unlike mega dating sites, our boutique dating community allows our members to connect without the fear of sharing that they have a disability.

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